3 Aug

Parker O'Halloran

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New volcanic eruption

New volcanic eruption

On August 3, 2022 a new eruptive phase in Geldingadalir area where last year's eruption took place. NOTE: No visible activity since August 21, 2022.

New eruptive phase in Geldingadalir area where last year's eruption took place

Here we go again! A new, approximately 100-meter (325 ft) long fissure eruption has been confirmed by the Icelandic Meteorological Office. While details are still being researched, the new eruption appears to be opening slightly north of the recently cooled lava from last year's eruption.

Fagradalsfjall eruption 2022

The new volcano is in the same area as the 2021 Geldingadalur volcanic eruption. Photo: Ragnar Th Sigurdsson

The new eruption does not come as a complete surprise. The Reykjanes Peninsula and Reykjavík Capital Region have been shaking vigorously over the past week with thousands of earthquakes. Sattelite measurements detected uplift in the surrounding areas, indicating an intrusion of lava underneath the ground. The uplift and many fault zones in the area make the ground very susceptible to earthquakes.

Despite all the seismic data, nature is fickle, and the question is always, "Where will the next eruption be?" Now we know! For a live stream of this new volcano from multiple perspectives, click on the button below. It is NOT recommended for travelers to visit the area as there are many hazards, and Icelandic authorities are still assessing this initial phase of the eruption.

Feeling the heat of Fagradalsfjall Volcano
Fagradalsfjall Volcano
Spatter cones forming in the sea of lava at Fagradalsfjall Volcano

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