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Inspired by Iceland

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Iceland: A space-like odyssey

Iceland: A space-like odyssey

An out-of-this-world experience right here on earth.

Mission Iceland

Fancy going to space? Set a course for a closer out-of-this-world destination, Iceland: Where extraterrestrial landscapes abound.

Captain's log. Stardate 100474.01. No need for months of intensive training. No zero gravity motion sickness. Plus, it's a lot more affordable!

Are you looking to escape to someplace more extraterrestrial? Mission Iceland is a new campaign to encourage travelers to seek otherworldly experiences closer to home. Iceland's landscapes have memorably stood in for distant planets in sci-fi films such as Interstellar, Oblivion, Star Wars, and Prometheus. From desolate black sand beaches and rugged lava fields to mighty waterfalls and expansive glaciers, Iceland has the perfect terrain for planning your epic sci-fi itinerary. Plus, we have plenty of delicious food, water, and complimentary fresh air.

Mission Iceland: Out-of-this-world experinces right here in Iceland

Mission Iceland: One small step for Iceland, one giant leap for travelers.

Across Iceland are alien experiences and topography that will help you truly escape from the ordinary. IThelunar-like landscapes and the rugged terrain were (and still are) the ideal testing grounds for NASA equipment before launch. Check out our Out of this world experiences guide with regional highlights across Iceland. Unless you have a NASA or ESA budget, why not look into the Mission Iceland calculator, where you can figure out what you could do with that money in Iceland instead!

Ready for launch?

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