Team Iceland

Gift Basket

Join #TeamIceland for a chance to win a special Team Iceland gift basket directly from Iceland. The basket will be delivered on June 16, the same day that Iceland starts its World Cup adventure.

Elevate your World Cup party and celebrate in true #TeamIceland style with real Icelandic local favorites., loaded with authentic Icelandic food and drink, clothing and a special gift from Icelandair. 12 lucky Team Iceland members will be randomly selected on June 8.


Icelandic Lamb is a local favorite. It grazes free in nature during summer to produce pure and delicious meat. Perfect for the bbq.

Icelandic Skyr is a unique fat-free, protein rich, dairy product. The Skyr from Ísey, is a delightfully tasty and a healthy choice for any occasion.

To keep the party going, we will enjoy the smooth, award-winning Einstök White Ale brewed with pure Icelandic water. You will find the urge to “SKÁL!” often with Einstök.

For those special moments we will have Foss Distillery Spirits, made of exotic ingredients such as Icelandic birch. Sip it, shoot it or mix it… the choice is yours.

You will look the part in a special Iceland World Cup jersey from 66°North. A real collector’s item.

And finally, a gift card from Icelandair that will help you to make your dreams come true in Iceland.