Akureyri - Hamrar, Kjarnaskógur Camping Ground

Hamraris a peaceful campground by the forest kjarnaskógur, at the southern end of Akureyri. The camping is well equipped with excellent facilities, playgrouds, and great hiking trails. The camping is divided into 16 grass areas, surrounded by trees, that extend to 3-4000 m2.

Accommodation 1 night per person: 1600 isk.

Accommodation 1 night per person under 18-year-old 0 isk.

Senior citizens and disabled persons: 1300 isk.

Electricity 1 night 1000 isk.

Laundry machine: 500 isk.

Dryer: 500 isk.

Lodging tax 1 night per tent, camper, caravan, motorhome etc. 333 isk.

Opening hours 
The campground is open all year round. Full service with camp warden 24/7 is from May 15th to October 15th. In the low season, the camp warden can be found (if not on site) at phone (+354) 843 0002, and you can also find additional information online: www.hamrar.is or www.tjalda.is

Wheelchair access:
There is wheelchair access in two of our service huts with toilets, showers, and lavatories. Also have disabled access to special areas with access to electricity.

In Hamrar we have 7 WC huts completing a total of 40 WCs. In five of them there is hot and cold water for the sinks. All the huts are provided with drinking water. In peak season, we increase the number of restrooms in the camp ground.

There are  4 shower huts open 24/7 with a total of 15 showers and the number increases in the peak season.

Camper lavatory disposal:
There is camper lavatory disposal and water refill in Hamrar.

Kitchen and lounge:
At the entrance of the campground there is the service house, where you can find kitchen, dining and lving room. There is TV, computer, and electricity outlets. You can also find tourist information brochures.

Washing machine and dryer:
The area has access to a washing machine and tumble dyer 24/7

There is access to electricity (with a fee) on all the camping areas. To access it, you need an adapter, that can be purchased at the camp warden hut.  

Entertainment on site:
There are 2 children playgrounds, and a water pond playground. There is a frisbee golf ground, gigant foosball, and minigolf and water skate hire.

Camp wardens:
Camp wardens can provide all the information and help you need regarding the campground. They are available from 7am to 12pm daily on peak season. If they are not at the gate warden hut, they can be reached at (+354) 8630725.

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Akureyri - Hamrar, Kjarnaskógur Camping Ground
Hamrar við Kjarnagötu
602 Akureyri


Tel: +354 461-2264

Fax: +354 461-2263



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