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Reykjavík Pride

Reykjavík Pride

Reykjavik Pride is the biggest annual event in Iceland and is fondly referred to as "the world's biggest small Pride!"

Reykjavík Pride parade from above

Reykjavík Pride parade from above. Photo: Ragnar Th Sigurdsson/Arctic Images

Reykjavik Pride 2023

Reykjavik Pride has been an annual event in Reykjavik since 1999, with the first Reykjavik Pride Parade taking place in August 2000. However, its history goes back to 1993, when Icelandic gays and lesbians first gathered in Reykjavik's city center, demanding equality, freedom, and human rights.

What was once a cozy little pride, initially visited by 1,500 onlookers, has blossomed and evolved into a week-long, colorful celebration that attracts over 100,000 guests worldwide. The Pride Parade gets more extensive and fabulous every year to convey messages addressing the realities of the LGBTQ+ community. There are infinite possible messages, and participants' creativity is vital. A good show does not have to cost much, but what is most important is imagination and getting help from friends and family.

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson is an Icelandic historian and politician serving as the sixth president of Iceland.

President of Iceland and a proud supporter of the LGBT+ community, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson speaking at a Reykjavík Pride event.

Reykjavik Pride is organized and held by the not-for-profit organization Hinsegin dagar í Reykjavik – Reykjavík Pride. Any profit or surplus funds the organization raises are used to improve the events and support the LGBT+ communities. Full a full listing of Pride events, check out Reykjavík Pride Programme below.

Pride Programme

Reykjavík Pride parade from above
People dressed up like the band KISS participating in Reykjavík Pride parade
People watching the Reykjavík Pride parade
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