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Elfar Logi

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Act Alone Festival

Act Alone Festival

Act Alone: A Unique Artistic Experience. Iceland’s premier solo performance festival celebrating 20 years of free, diverse one-person shows in Suðureyri.

Performance at the Act Alone Festival in Suðureyri, Iceland.

Act Alone: A Unique Artistic Experience

The second weekend in August is a bustling time in Iceland, featuring the vibrant Gay Pride festival in Reykjavik and the unique Act Alone festival in the Westfjords. What sets Act Alone apart? It’s a solo performance festival celebrating the art of one-person shows. In 2024, Act Alone marks its 20th anniversary, a testament to its resilience during the challenging COVID-19 years. But that’s not all—Act Alone is Iceland’s only annual and oldest theatre festival. And the best part? Since its inception, Act Alone has always been free to enter.

Despite being a 20-year-old, Act Alone remains a fresh and exciting event. This year, from August 7–10, the festival will take place in the picturesque fishing village of Suðureyri in the Westfjords. The program for this special anniversary year is a rich tapestry of solo artists from various genres. Expect to see theatre, music, writing, clowns, dance, video art, comedy, and more. The only rule? Each show features only one artist at a time. As always, every show is free to attend.

In addition to the performances, there will be a free workshop for children. The festival starts on Wednesday, August 7, with Fransoise Simon’s clown workshop. On Saturday, August 10, the magician Jón Víðis will teach the delicate art of balloon art. The schedule showcases various one-person plays with performers from Iceland, France, and Poland. On the music side, we will have three great musicians from the Westfjords: Mugison, Salóme Katrín, and Skúli Mennski. The renowned singer, musician, and dancer Gugusar will also have a concert at Act Alone. On Saturday, a special theater and magic program will be for families and younger audience members. Yes, Act Alone is undoubtedly a unique festival for all ages that everyone can attend. Did I mention there is no admission fee? The festival even provides free transport with the Act Alone bus, which runs daily from Ísafjordur to Suðureyri.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Act Alone. Your presence at our 20th-anniversary celebration in Suðureyri from August 7 to 10 will make it even more special.

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Performer at the Act Alone Festival in Suðureyri, Iceland.

A clown on stage with a child at the Act Alone Festival in Suðureyri, Iceland.
Musician Mugison will perform at the Act Alone Festival in Suðureyri, Iceland.
Gugusar will perform at the Act Alone Festival in Suðureyri, Iceland.
Headshot of actor Elfar Logi

This article was written by Elfar Logi

Elfar Logi is the only professional actor living and working in the Westfjords. He is the founder and artistic director of Act Alone, Iceland’s unique solo performance festival.

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