Life in Iceland

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The parade on Iceland's National Day on June 17 is often spectacular. Photo: Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson

June 17th – Iceland's National Day

Icelandic independence was a long time in the making.

Reykjavik Culture Night

Reykjavík Culture Night

You're invited to Reykjavík's birthday party on August 19, 2023!

Icelandic fisherman at sea

Fishermen's Day 2023

A day to honor the women and men who are the backbone of Iceland's seafaring culture.

Women meeting in Harpa

Inspiring Icelandic women on International Women's Day

Discover inspiration in these empowered businesswomen

Salt-cured lamb and lentils are the base for a soup called saltkjöt og baunir.
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How Iceland does Mardi Gras

Enjoy bottomless bowls of hearty salted meat and split pea soup before Lent during Iceland's Sprengidagur

Strolling downtown Reykjavík during Christmas

13 Icelandic Christmas Traditions

An insiders guide to the holidays in Iceland. The good, the wild, and the smelly.

Goats at Brúnastaðir Cheesery
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The Icelandic Settlement Goat Reinvented

From the brink of extinction to Brúnastaðir Cheesery in North Iceland.

Vörusmiðja helps small-scale producers
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Vörusmiðja: Playing with food 

Revolution for small-scale producers.

Woman in the Reykjavík Pride parade

Reykjavík Pride

Reykjavik Pride is the biggest annual event in Iceland and is fondly referred to as "the world's biggest small Pride!"

Óx Restaurant
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Iceland's culinary stars align

Famed Michelin Guide awards two more stars two Icelandic restaurants

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