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2 - 5 Aug


Verslunarmannahelgi 2024

Verslunarmannahelgi 2024

Verslunarmannahelgi, also known as "Merchants" or "Commerce Day" Weekend, is an Icelandic holiday on the first weekend of August.

Commerce Day Weekend celebrations in the Westman Islands, Iceland

Verslunarmannahelgi, the annual Commerce Day Weekend in Iceland, will be celebrated from August 2 to 5. This long weekend traditionally marks the last part of summer and is a vibrant time for locals, filled with various parties, music festivals, outdoor activities, and family gatherings. People flock to campsites, summer houses, and events across the country, enjoying the unique blend of Icelandic culture and natural beauty.

Þjóðhátíð í Eyjum in Vestmannaeyjar: One of the biggest outdoor festivals in Iceland, featuring bonfires, fireworks, sing-alongs in the hill, and live music, attracting thousands of visitors each year. 

Innipúkinn: A 3-day music festival in downtown Reykjavík, taking place at Gamla Bíó and Röntgen this year. 

Ein með öllu: A festival in Akureyri, North Iceland, featuring extreme sports, endurance events, outdoor activities, concerts, and a wide range of entertainment. 

Flúðir um Versló: A family-friendly event at Flúðir, South Iceland, featuring activities like a boat race, bonfire, sing-along in the hill and a wide range of entertainment. 

Neistaflug: A family festival in Neskaupstaður, East Iceland, featuring a market, parade, beach volleyball tournament, fireworks, and more.

The Herring Festival / Síldarævintýrið: A family festival in Siglufjörður, North Iceland, with entertainment for all ages. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the event.

UMFÍ's Youth National Championship is a family festival in Borgarnes, West Iceland, where children and teens aged 11-18 can participate in various sports while the whole family enjoys an array of entertainment, games, and activities. 

Sæludagar in Vatnaskógur: A festival inspired by classic summer camps, held in Vatnaskógur, West Iceland. Kids can enjoy a weekend of adventure, fun, and exciting games. 

Norðanpaunk: An annual family gathering of punk music fans in Laugarbakki, North Iceland, featuring performances by 50 bands.

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