9:00 PM

20 Jun - 22 Feb

Laugardalsholl Sport Centre, Engjavegur 8, 104 Reykjavík

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run

Find your pace under the glow of Iceland's midnight sun.

Start of the Suzuki Midnight Sun Run. Photo: Hafsteinn

How many races have you entered that start at 9:00 PM?

Sign up for the June 20, 2024, Suzuki Midnight Sun Run and experience a race like no other! A cherished tradition since 1993 in scenic Reykjavík, this event captures the hearts of local and international runners, growing more popular each year.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a casual runner, choose your challenge from 5K, 10K, or the half marathon categories. Revel in the vibrant streets of Reykjavik, where each step brings a new view under the ethereal glow of the midnight sun.

The adventure doesn't end at the finish line. Celebrate your achievement and unwind with fellow participants at a pool party in Laugardalslaug, the local geothermal pool, where the warm waters offer a soothing post-run embrace.

The Suzuki Midnight Sun Run is not just a race; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the magic of Icelandic summer nights.

Join us for a night where the sun never sets, and the spirit of adventure runs free.

Suzuki Midnight Sun Run 2024

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