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30 Sep - 10 Oct

Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík International Film Festival

Reykjavík International Film Festival

An eleven day film extravaganza in Reykavík, Iceland.

RIFF – Reykjavík International Film Festival – is one of the biggest and most diverse cultural events in Iceland. RIFF is an independent non-profit organization that works all year round to organize the festival. For eleven days every fall since 2004, Icelandic locals and tourists alike are able to go to the cinema and enjoy the best and freshest of international filmmaking. Our guests can also meet and chat with directors about their works, attend panels and workshops, concerts and exhibitions, and even watch interesting films under even more interesting conditions, for instance in a swimming pool or in the filmmaker’s home. For tickets and more info, visit RIFF website.

RIFF Website

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