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15:00 - 19:00

19 Mar - 24 Apr

Gallery Gudmundsdottir, Joachimstraße 17, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Landscape Enclosed

Landscape Enclosed

Icelandic-Norwegian artist Anna Marie Sigmond Gudmundsdottir

"En gave til sønnens ene arm" (2020) Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Gudmundsdottir

Landspace Enclosed at Gallery Gudmundsdóttir

Gallery Gudmundsdottir opens its new space in the Berlin Mitte Gallery District on March 19th with the solo exhibition Landscape Enclosed by the Icelandic – Norwegian artist Anna Marie Sigmond.

We are delighted to present the opening of a new Icelandic gallery in Berlin, Gallery Gudmundsdottir, a platform in Berlin with an emphasis on female artists from the North. The very first exhibition, Landscapes Enclosed of Icelandic Norwegian artist Anna Marie Sigmond Gudmundsdottir will be opened on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at Joachimstr. 17, 10119 Berlin, at the center of one of the cultural hearts downtown Berlin.

About the artist

Icelandic-Norwegian artist Anna Marie Sigmond Gudmundsdottir is renowned in the North for her multimedia drawings, paintings, installations, and public murals. Her solo exhibition Landscape Enclosed, opening at Berlin’s Gallery Gudmundsdottir on 19 March 2022 showcases her characteristic attention to disciplined line work: each line in her large-scale pieces is meticulously painted freehand.

Sigmond Gudmundsdottir draws inspiration from the way lines (in many forms) mark out boundaries, referencing an array of muses, such as

“...tracks in old asphalt, plow tracks in fresh spring soil, digital prints in underground bunkers, storms, rocks, maps, bushes, fences, walls, phobias, coercion, liberation and questions.

Sigmund Gudmundsdottir utilizes the canvas to explore how lines carve out the spaces that shape our lives, be they physical, metaphorical, aesthetic, spatial, or temporal.

Gallery Gudmundsdottir and Gudny Gudmundsdottir, Photo: Edda Petursdottir

Gallery Gudmundsdottir

The Icelandic-born gallerist Gudny Gudmundsdottir is creating a platform in Berlin with an emphasis on female artists from the North. Gudmundsdottir, originally a classically trained violinist and a musicologist, has a special interest in the intersection of visual arts and contemporary music which can be noticed in her selection of artists, many of whom work with performativity as their central praxis.  Gallery Gudmundsdottir, the Embassy of Iceland in Berlin, Icelandic Art Center and Inspired by Iceland closely cooperate to promote Icelandic contemporary art in Berlin.


March 19th 15h – 19h Joachimstr. 17 10119 Berlin

Exhibition open:

March 19th – April 24th, 2022

Daily opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday, 13h – 18h

3G Restrictions

Gallery Gudmundsdottir

Photo of Gallery Gudmundsdóttir and Gudny Gudmundsdottir by Edda Petursdottir

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