8 - 10 Oct

Hvammstangi, North Iceland

Hvammstangi International Puppetry Festival

Hvammstangi International Puppetry Festival

HIP, or Hvammstangi International Puppet Festival is a puppet festival hosted in Hvammstangi, a small village in Northwest Iceland, which celebrates live-action contemporary puppetry in theatre and film.  We actively promote rural artists and the rural artistic lifestyle, sharing the best puppetry the world has to offer with an audience that revels in welcoming them.  We strive to be exacting in artistic quality, supportive of community and artists, and inquisitive in nature. 

The festival is held annually on the second weekend in October, following the largest horse and sheep roundups in the region.  Feel welcome to this unique small corner of the world!

Find at more at the HIP festival website.

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