27 Mar - 20 Apr

Fossavatnsgangan, Austurvegi 2, 400 Ísafjörður, Iceland

Fossavatn Ski Marathon

Fossavatn Ski Marathon

The oldest and most prominent cross-country skiing festival in Iceland with events ranging from the 1 km children's event to the classic 50km race.

The Fossavatn Ski Marathon (Fossavatnsgangan in Icelandic) is Iceland's oldest and biggest cross-country skiing festival. There is a race for everyone, with events ranging from a 1 km children's event to the 50 km classic race. Don't miss the Master Class, buffets, and parties, either! The Fossavatn Ski Marathon is now a member of the global Worldloppet series, which includes the 20 finest cross-country ski marathons in the world. The ski marathon coincides with Ísafjörður Ski Week, in which the town is packed full of fun events for the Easter break.

March 27, 2024

  • Fossavatn Night Race, both 35 and 70 km, freestyle

April 18, 2024

  • Fossavatn 25 km, freestyle
  • Family Fossavatn, 5.0 km classic
  • Family Fossavatn, 1.0 km classic

April 20, 2024 

  • Fossavatn 12.5 km classic
  • Fossavatn 25.0 km classic
  • Fossavatn 50.0 km classic
Fossavatn ski marathon Westfjords Isafjordur

Fossavatn Ski Marathon was established in Isafjordur in 1935. The initial race was 18 km (11 miles) long, and there were no problems with overcrowded tracks, as only seven skiers showed up for the occasion. The race was held annually until 1940 but was then discontinued. It was revived in 1955 and was For the first several decades, the distance was approximately 20 km, and the start was close to Lake Fossavatn, from which the race takes its name. Today's skiers would probably find this an odd place to start a ski race. It had no facilities, only a huge rock and a flag pole. There were no shelters, washrooms, or even a road to take you there. In fact, to get to the start, you either had to endure an hour's mountain hike or drive a rough mountain road up to the halfway point of the race and ski 10 km (6 miles) back to the start.

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