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20 Aug

Klambratún, 105 Reykjavík

Food culture festival

Food culture festival

Don't miss out on Iceland's first food culture festival

Reykjavík Food Culture Festival

Götubitinn - Reykjavik Street Food and Hlédís Sveinsdóttir (Artisan Food Fayre) are partnering up for Reykjavík's first Food Culture Festival (Matarmenningarhátíð in Icelandic). The idea is to bring together Icelandic food producers and food trucks and create an Icelandic farmers market with various street foods for sale.

A selection of food producers who have participated in street food festivals all over the country and the Artisan Food Fayre in Reykjavík will come together at Klambratún park to create an unique atmosphere. Concurrently there will be various events, live music, and activities for children.

Food Culture Festival (Icelandic only)

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