11 - 12 Jun

Reykjavik Harbour

Festival of the Sea

Festival of the Sea

Celebrate the Festival of the Sea in connection with Fishermen’s Day on June 12, 2022

The annual Festival of the Sea is held in conjunction with Fishermen’s Day on June 12th. The festival reflects traditional Icelandic culture and the nation’s long-standing dependency on fishing. The festival celebrates all aspects of the sea, such as seamanship, vessels, fish, mermaids, sea shanties, and more. Fishermen’s Day has been celebrated since 1938 and was originally established to promote solidarity among fishermen and became a legal holiday for Icelandic fishermen in 1987. Festival of the Sea is celebrated all across the country, with sea-related entertainment for the whole family by the harbor. Guests can enjoy sailing, sea swimming, various amusements, and a large variety of sea creatures on display in tubs.

Iceland Festival of the Sea

Festival organizers work in cooperation with all the companies around the harbor and this weekend they invite the guests to visit their companies and have various offers and discounts. The Icelandic Rescue Squad, Ársaell, is also one of the main partners this weekend. They arrange various events, especially for children.

One of the main goals is that families can come to the Old Harbor, and have a fun day with all kinds of events with reference to the sea and its surroundings. Everything that the festival offers is free of charge. Sailings, entertainment, food taste, playgrounds, competitions, etc.

Reykjavík Maritime Museum offers free admission to the museum and to the Óðinn Coast Guard Vessel during the Festival of the Sea.

Festival of the Sea

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