3 - 31 Jul

Bjólfsgata 10 710, 710 Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

The Blue Church Summer Concert Series

The Blue Church Summer Concert Series

Head to one of Iceland's most photographed churches for a summer concert series featuring various musicians every Wednesday throughout July.


Trio Akureyri and Þórður Sigurðarson - July 3, 2024

Trio Akureyri and Þórður Sigurðarson will perform at the first concert of the Blue Church's Summer Concert Series on Wednesday, July 3. They will play folk songs from various countries, including Mexico, Finland, Belgium, and the Faroe Islands. The concert, titled "Landablanda," combines the words "land" (country) and "blanda" (mix), suggesting a blend of cultures and, humorously, alcohol.

Each song will be introduced, and a brief discussion will be held, along with the names of the main schnapps from each country. The folk songs are linked by a common theme, showcasing music rooted in different cultures and highlighting the beauty of diversity.

Akureyri's trio features singer Erla Dóra Vogler, Jón Þorstein Reynisson (accordionist), and Valmar Väljaots (violin, accordion, organ, piano), joined by Þórður Sigurðarson (organ, piano, accordion) in Seyðisfjörður. These musicians, known for their top-notch performances, have collaborated for years.

Ingibjargir - July 10, 2024

The duo Ingibjargir consists of singer Ingibjörg Friða Helgadóttir and composer Ingibjörg Ýr Skarphéðinsdóttir. They recently released their debut album, "Konan í speglinum" (The Woman in the Mirror), available on all major streaming services. The album features fifteen original songs based on poems by poet Ingibjörg Haraldsdóttir.

Ingibjörg's background spans classical, jazz, and folk music, focusing on free improvisation. This intricate mix of styles characterizes their music, described as a magical blend of the ancient and the modern, seamlessly flowing between the traditional and the experimental.

Frigg - July 17, 2024

Soprano Íris Björk Gunnarsdóttir and pianist Ólína Ákadóttir will present a concert titled "I Dreamed." The performance will explore themes of dreams, unfulfilled wishes, and deep longings, guiding the audience through a dreamlike musical journey filled with diverse emotions and adventures. The program will feature works by Jórunn Viðar, Lili Boulanger, Edvard Grieg, and Claude Debussy. Íris Björk and Ólína are highly praised for their radiant performances, where their friendship and playful interaction are evident.

Umbra - July 24, 2024

The band Umbra performs Icelandic folk songs in unique arrangements and original compositions using texts from medieval literature. The concert will feature material from their album "Bjargrúnir" and new pieces. Visitors can expect an intimate experience, exploring the rich heritage of Icelandic stories and poetry through music and spoken word.

Dundur - July 31, 2024

Dundur is the solo project of Guðmundur Höskuldsson, a guitarist and musician from Neskaupstaður in East Iceland. Dundur's debut album, released late last year, garnered significant attention. The music is a fusion of jazz, blues, ambient, and more. For the concert, Guðmundur will be joined by Þórir Baldursson on keyboards, Birgir Baldursson on percussion, and Hafsteinn Már Þórðarson on bass. They will perform songs from the album, emphasizing free improvisation and promising the audience plenty of surprises.

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