6 - 10 Mar

Oddsskarð Ski Area

Austurland Freeride Festival 2024

Austurland Freeride Festival 2024

Annual backcountry ski and snowboard festival in East Iceland

Are you a skier split boarder who likes stunning vistas? How about challenging terrain and variable snow conditions?

The Austurland Freeride Festival is an annual backcountry skiing and snowboarding event in Eskifjörður, East Iceland, based in the Oddskarð ski area. Local mountain guides, ski/snowboard pros, and enthusiasts created the festival for those who like to earn their turns. There will be just about something for everyone. Fjallakofinn will be on hand with a great selection of ski and snowboard equipment. Korua Shapes present their snowboards. Beer and fish jerky tasting from Beljandi Brewery with plenty of music for apres ski Icelandic style!

For the full schedule of events, check out the link below.

Austurland Freeride Festival Schedule 2024

Austurland Freeride Festival
Skiing at the Austurland Freeride Festival. Photo: Mirto Diego
Austurland Freeride Festival

(L to R) The steep and mixed terrain of the East Fjords. Photos: Mirto Diego

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