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A plate of vegan Icelandic Þorramatur
food & natural products

Vegan Pagan Foods: Icelandic Cuisine

Explore the growing trend of vegan pagan foods in Iceland, combining traditional ingredients with innovative plant-based recipes for a unique culinary experience.

Icelandic sea
food & natural products

The ICELANDIC brand is celebrating 80 years 1942-2022

For 80 years, the ICELANDIC brand has embodied Iceland's fishing history and premium seafood products.

 Hellisheiði Power Station

Carbfix claims victory in XPRIZE awards

Celebrating Carbfix's triumph in winning two Milestone Prizes in the XPRIZE Carbon Capture technology.

Eider duck in Hraun í Fjótum
food & natural products

 Icelandic Eiderdown: Luxury & Sustainability

Uncover the fascinating world of Icelandic eiderdown, a luxurious and sustainable natural resource, cherished for its warmth, comfort, and eco-friendly production.

Flétta airbag pillows

Circular Icelandic Design | Sustainability 

Discover how Icelandic designers embrace circular design principles to create sustainable, eco-friendly products while preserving their cultural heritage.

Climeworks' Orca Plant

World's largest carbon capture plant opens in Iceland

Climeworks' Orca plant in Iceland captures CO₂ directly from the air

Blue Lagoon

Icelandic Green Energy Solutions

Explore the innovative green energy solutions offered by Icelandic companies, promoting a sustainable future through renewable resources and clean technology.

Hay bales wrapped in plastic in Iceland

 Pure North Recycling: Mission to recycle

 Discover Pure North Recycling, an Icelandic company dedicated to repurposing waste materials into valuable resources, contributing to a circular economy.

Hverir, geothermal area in North Iceland

Renewable Iceland | A Sustainable Future

Learn about Iceland's renewable energy sector, utilizing geothermal and hydroelectric resources to power the nation and pave the way for a greener future.

Björn Steinar Jónsson of Saltverk
food & natural products

A sprinkle of sustainability from Iceland

As you travel through Iceland's Westfjords, the setting is not the place where you would expect to find a gourmet salt producer.

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