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Parker O'Halloran

Parker is a seasoned writer and editor living in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Parker was born in the shadows of New Hampshire's White Mountains. The oldest trick in the book landed him on this northern island—he fell for an Icelandic woman and now has two half-Viking daughters. He is a writer and editor based in Reykjavík and working with the terrific team at Business Iceland. Parker enjoys Iceland's less-traveled roads, skiing, and stunning views. Plus, a volcano or two.

Articles written by Parker O'Halloran


New volcanic eruption

New eruptive phase in Geldingadalir area where last year's eruption took place


17 June - Icelandic independence in under two minutes

Happy 77th birthday Iceland! 


Carbfix and Climeworks: deep expectations 

Climeworks and Carbfixare working together to capture CO2 and then store it safely underground for the long term.

renewable energysustainability

Renewable Iceland

Many countries have the potential to implement more sustainable energy but Iceland has already seized the opportunity to do so.


A sprinkle of sustainability from Iceland

As you travel through Iceland's Westfjords, the setting is not the place where you would expect to find a gourmet salt producer.


A briefing on Iceland

A ridiculously concise text on the history and culture of Iceland.


Travelers of the deep: whales in Iceland

Icelandic waters are teeming with whales of all shapes and sizes.


5 good reasons to work in Iceland

Some convincing reasons why a career move north may be good for you!


5 good reasons to live in Iceland

Many who visit Iceland want to stay longer. Here are some compelling reasons why they're right!

Prime minister by day, noir writer by night

Iceland's Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir and famed noir writer Ragnar Jónasson publish their first book together titled Reykjavík.

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