June 17     |    Arjan Visser

Today my 24 weeks pregnant girl and I went to conquer Eldfell vulcano on Vestmannaeyjar and we did it!

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June 13     |    Andrew Anderson

It has been my favourite place since the age of 7. Now 30yrs old and going on my 4th trip. Each time, I want to go home less.

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May 21     |    Rafal Szczerbowski

There are part of Iceland still untouched, hidden and we don't want them to be discovered by millions of tourist. Let them find them themselves with a bit of luck otherwise let's keep those amazing places in secret.

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May 19     |    Jane Nikulina

The most beautiful and misterious land

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May 10     |    Meike Mittag

2012 bin ich zum ersten Mal nach Island gereist und als ich zurück kam habe ich sofort angefangen den nächsten Islandtrip zu planen, denn ich habe mich sofort verliebt zum einen in die wahrhaft atemberaubend schöne Landschaft aber auch in Reykjavik als eine unglaublich inspirierende und kreative Stadt, in der unglaublich viel Leidenschaft zu spüren ist, weil die wunderbaren Isländer einfach jede Idee umsetzen, die Ihnen in den Kopf kommt, denn was soll schon passieren? Im Zweifel kann man danach ja mit dem nächsten Projekt weitermachen :-). Ich empfehle wirklich jedem, der sich für Kunst (in jeder Form) Musik oder Mode interessiert nach Reykjavik zu kommen und den "spirit" in sich aufzunehmen!!!

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May 5     |    Brian LeGacy

I observed many dog owners who cared for their pets as much as they care for the cleanliness of their streets

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May 3     |    Meg Winter

I went to Iceland on a school field trip and I think it captured me forever. I think I have found the place where I belong and can be myself. Iceland, to me, is the most perfect place to live and work. Anyone living there or native Icelanders: I envy you.

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April 28     |    Alan Chan

Great place to visit!!!!! Too much to see and discover!!!!!

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April 28     |    Alan Chan

Beautiful places with lovely people. Land of no pollution!

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April 24     |    Novak Cuic

Hi from Serbia! We would like to visit this amazing wonders and beauty!

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April 24     |    Vladimir Petkovic

Land of ice and fire, beautiful nature and unique people.

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April 23     |    Guðmundur Hauksson

it can be sunny, raining and snowy all in one day in Iceland.

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April 23     |    Marek Bernat

I live here from 2006 and I can not imagine other place to live for me and my family. I found in Iceland everything what I like and love.Iceland means for me paradise land, my ´´ paradisaland´´.

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April 23     |    Snorri Christophersson

Það er æðislegt land. ''Ísland er ekki lítið land, það er stórasta land í heimi.''

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April 23     |    sam sam

Once there I never wanted to leave. It still feels like the home I've never known, the lost-land.

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April 23     |    Christina Campagna

Iceland is an awesome place to travel! The country is full of beautiful landscapes, the air is clean and the people are very friendly. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Iceland when people ask me about my travels - I highly recommend visiting this place of beauty.

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April 22     |    Frances Harber

There is freedom to be who you really are here, to live like someone left the gate open!!!

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April 22     |    matteo budroni

it's like the mother of all lands, not just a land, it's THE land, like a miniature of the planet, a perfect place. and also 'cause that's the name of a small funfair, everyone loves funfairs, if you don't, you're lying

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April 21     |    Paul Navarro

Adventure, Magic, Surreal, Beauty... that is Iceland.

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Endless loveland

April 21     |    Ana María Iriarte Paredes

Because in this country I found the real love and I am so thankfull with God for it. I hope go there soon and live with him and have a beautifull family.

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April 21     |    Grétar Jónsson

The Northern Lights are so incredible, as you can see in Aurora Reykjavík Northern Lights Center.

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April 21     |    Iris Fernandes

After visiting Iceland a year ago I was overwhelmed with the amazing landscapes, and the warmth of the people. It is something that is unique and spectacular, and I cannot wait to visit again.

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April 20     |    Mario Prado

Heima. Home is not where you were born. Home is not where you live. Home is not where you have family and friends. Home is where your heart feel full of joy, with no empty spaces for sadness, sorrow nor anger. Where your heart beats faster and stronger, because your heart - not your brain, your heart! - can feel when it is... heima. Þakka þér fyrir að vera heimili mitt, Ísland.

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April 20     |    Cali Teo

The black of the sand; the white of the ice; the blue of the sky; the brown of a horse’s mane; the orange of a puffin’s beak; the green of the moss; the red of the flag’s cross; the yellow of the poppies; the grey of the Icelandic jumper’s thread, then the rumble of the waterfalls; the bubbling of the mud pools; the whooshing of the erupting geysers; the gurgling of the hot springs; the pattering of the great skua’s feet; the swirling of water down the canyons; the rustling of the wildflowers in the wind; the crackle of the melting ice floating into the lake; the whine of the sled-dogs awaiting their turn; the neigh of the Icelandic horses playing catch; the wows of visitors taking a breath. Iceland is a land of vast colour and sound - the most amazing of all lands in the world.

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April 20     |    Cali Teo

It's said to be the land of Ice and Fire, but Iceland is so much more. From creatures big (Icelandic horses) and small (puffins), to where natural wonders of all kinds reside - canyons, basalt, black sand, waterfalls, grass, shrubs, rock formations, snow, ice, fire - it's a land that instills amazement and wonder as far as the eye can see. A land like no other, a place with a show of wondrous creation - where Ice and Fire really, is only the tip of the iceberg. A land where everyone has to visit at least once in their lifetime, and one where I'd love to visit again.

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April 19     |    Lavergne Fequet

The most peaceful, inspirational, spiritual place I have ever visited. It left an indelible impression that will never leave me. I hope to return in a few years for an extended period of time to see more of the awesome beauty of this gem of a country.

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April 19     |    Gabriela Ghillanyova crevises breathing out hot steam, glittering glaciers, active volcanoes threatening to throw an explosive display at any moment, hot springs, turqoise waters, lava fields, sure-footed native horses tolting away, warm and knowledgable people, cosiest of so many wonders, surprises and jaw-dropping moments, you find yourself not wanting to leave...

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April 19     |    Martin Hald

Iceland, an island that grew up from the undergrounds firing rage to become a landscape so mystical og inspiring that it must have been touched by love.

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